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alternative forms of dispute resolution (ADR)

ADR is a collective description of methods of resolving disputes otherwise than through the normal trial process. The most common forms are mediation, expert determination and early neutral evaluation.

  • Mediation is where a third party is appointed to try to facilitate a negotiated settlement with the parties, often in separate rooms. The mediator will not give advice or comment who has the stronger case – if the parties reach agreement a binding settlement agreement will be entered into.
  • Expert Determination is where an expert is appointed to consider the submissions of each party on a technical issue, and will reach a decision.
  • Early Neutral Evaluation is where the parties invite a neutral third party to give an opinion on the merits of the case or particular aspects of the case.

The Construction & Development Team

  • Richard Millard Managing Partner
    Construction & Development 01908 689382 | 07985 069920
    Richard has over 20 years’ experience acting for clients in the construction industry,  providing pragmatic advice to developers, contractors, sub-contractors, design and construction professionals, housing associations, smaller builders and homeowners.


  • Darren Millis Partner
    Commercial Property 01908 689319
    Darren has over 20 years’ experience in dealing with commercial property work.  Darren has concentrated in the last few years on the more complicated land acquisition and development work including:


  • Richard Willis Partner
    Commercial Property 01908 689315
    Richard specialises in Property Law, representing clients from small family businesses to large PLC’s’ He also acts for local Councils, Parish Councils, landowners, investors, developers, lenders, Housing Associations and Charities.