Business is very much a global phenomenon in the fast-paced 21st century, so often our clients are looking for legal advice which crosses international borders.

We regularly provide successful legal solutions to our clients in a variety of different areas around the world, often through our membership with Legal Counsel International (LCI), an alliance of lawyers in 17 countries who regularly work together on cross-border matters.

Here are just a few examples of how our international connections enable us to deliver the advice and assistance our clients need no matter where in the world the issues arise:

  • When a world-leading equipment manufacturer needed good lawyers in Vietnam to purchase their new factory there and deal with the associated legal work, both LCI members Akana Ma in Portland and Prem Rai in New Delhi recommended the same firm to us in Vietnam, who have done an excellent job working with us to achieve the clients’ objectives.
  • A major Milton Keynes engineering company had to act quickly when it discovered that the director of its Singapore subsidiary had acted dishonestly. In Kuala Lumpur, Beng Chai of Tay & Partners, introduced us to ATM Bird and Bird LLP in Singapore, who worked with us to obtain swift injunctions in Singapore. At the same time we engaged lawyers in New Zealand to secure simultaneous orders and recovered a helicopter which the wayward director had bought, using company money as part of a new illicit business venture.
  • When another of our clients needed lawyers in Sweden to advise on a shareholders’ agreement, our LCI member Vlad Zabrodin of Moscow and St Petersburg knew just the right firm to work with us on that task.
  • We also reached out to Hiroyuki Kamano of Tokyo when our client needed advice in Japan with regard to terminating a distribution agreement, and we later engaged Willem den Hertog in the Netherlands for similar advice.  We separately engaged Willem den Hertog to deal with issues arising when an observation balloon, being tested for use in Afghanistan broke its moorings in England, and was carried over the channel to Holland.
  • Thomas Oerter of Krömer, Steger, Westhoff, Dusseldorf has also successfully dealt with various commercial and personal matters on behalf of a number of our clients.
  • Another of our major clients has appointed Shane Weir of Weir and Associates in Hong Kong for their Hong Kong subsidiary.  The same client used lawyers in the US recommended by Akana Ma, Ater Wynne of Portland on the termination of their US distribution agreement and we again consulted Ater Wynne regarding the renewal of a trade mark in the US.

In each of these cases the close relationship built with other LCI members over the years has been crucial in creating the groundwork to successfully meet our clients’ international needs promptly and professionally, to the high standard we and they expect, at agreed rates, and within budget.

Along with Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors, the other members of Legal Counsel International are in Canada; Czech Republic; France; Germany; Hong Kong; India; Israel; Italy; Japan; Malaysia; Portugal; Russia; Spain; Taiwan and China; the Netherlands and the USA.