Pedestrian knocked down by Motorcyclist receives £200,000 compensation

Ann Summerling | Nov 2020

Our Personal Injury expert, Ann Summerling was appointed to act on behalf of a pedestrian who suffered serious injuries after being knocked down by a motorcyclist as she was crossing a busy London road on a February evening.

The claimant was attended to at the accident scene by paramedics and taken to hospital where she was kept under neurological observation for 48 hours and discharged after 5 days. She had suffered multiple soft tissue injuries, a fracture of her left hip joint and pelvis, a fracture of her cheekbone and a significant head injury.

The claimant was largely bed bound for 2-3 weeks following her discharge from hospital and needed care and assistance from her family with personal tasks and mobilising with the aid of a frame. She gradually regained her strength and independence over the next six months but was left with symptoms of fatigue, headaches, reduced concentration and focus as a result of her head injury.

What we did

To ensure her client received the best outcome in terms of the right care and compensation, Ann arranged for the claimant to be seen by various medical experts to document her injuries, which included a Maxillo Facial consultant, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, a Neurologist and a Neuropsychologist. She also arranged for her to undergo treatment with a clinical neuropsychologist in order to help overcome her cognitive deficits.

The Result

Liability was agreed on an 80/20 basis in the claimant’s favour and the client was awarded in the sum of £200,000 net in compensation.

Despite the injuries sustained in the accident the claimant decided to pursue a career in law and due to hard work and determination she successfully completed a Graduate Diploma in Law followed by a training contract with a top London law firm and she is now a fully qualified practicing lawyer.

How we can help

Ann Summerling has over 10 years’ experience in handling complex personal injury claims and is tenacious in pursuing her client’s claims in order that they receive the compensation they deserve.  If you any questions or need legal advice contact Ann Summerling on 01908 689368 or email for a free initial consultation.

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