The NIC has released its Annual Monitoring Report

Richard Millard | Mar 2020

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has released its Annual Monitoring Report that sets out the priorities for the government throughout 2020. The report outlines the NIC’s views on the government’s progress against its recommendations in 2019 and its priorities for the government throughout 2020.

 Recommendations to address in 2020 include:

  • the need to take action to increase flexibility in the UK’s electricity networks, to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • the need to increase public transport in London
  • clarifying what is needed on the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway
  • getting secure funding for the National Digital Twin  Programme in order to enhance a better cross-government  understanding of the value of data and new technologies to  improve UK infrastructure productivity

The Report does not cover the recommendations made in the Commission’s National Infrastructure Assessment, published in July 2018, as government has committed to give its response to those proposals in its forthcoming National Infrastructure Strategy. The NIC Chairman, Sir John Armitt, welcomed recent spending commitments but warned “The UK desperately needs a strategy that looks well beyond this Parliament, setting out infrastructure policy and funding up to 2050. It must contain goals, plans to achieve them, funding to deliver those, and deadlines for delivery.”

To view the full report click here.

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Richard Millard, Partner

Richard Millard | Construction Partner

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