Darren Millis, privileged to be a trustee at Milton Keynes Museum

Darren Millis | Feb 2020

Our Head of Commercial Property, Darren Millis has had the privilege of being a trustee of Milton Keynes Museum since 2014.

Darren says ‘As someone who is committed to Milton Keynes, as a City and as a concept, I always find a visit to the museum thrilling, and totally engrossing.  The experience for the visitor is immersive and tells an enthralling story.  Whether young or old, this is not a museum simply to walk round, but a place to go to touch, hear, smell and listen to the history of our City.  The museum prides itself on being there for everyone to enjoy, and there are fantastic events throughout the year.  Bill Griffiths, the staff, and the wonderful team of volunteers at the Museum bring passion and knowledge to their roles for the enjoyment of the visitors.  The visitors’ experience can be rounded off with a delicious cake and a coffee in the onsite café!

The trustees have recently been proud to see the finalisation of the construction of the two galleries at the museum site.  These galleries will, in time, cement the Museum as an intrinsic part of the cultural fabric of Milton Keynes.  We are in a process of fund-raising for the fitting out of these galleries but, when they are ready, they will befit our City which will continue to grow and be a success in the decades to come.

I urge everyone in Milton Keynes to go, visit and enjoy, and then return again to learn more!’

The Museum is situated at McConnell Drive, Wolverton, MK12 5EL.

Darren Millis Commercial Property Partner

Darren Millis | Partner

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