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Anne Maguire | Nov 2017

Over the years I have represented many clients who have suffered a serious brain injury following cycling accidents. Brain injury has a significant impact on people’s lives and I work hard to make the challenges they face easier by securing the best compensation package to enable them to move forward with their lives.

I have a close relationship with Headway Milton Keynes who support brain injury victims with rehabilitation, enablement and rebuilding of confidence in the community. As I drive along the roads I am still surprised by the number of cyclists who do not wear helmets. By wearing a helmet it significantly reduces the risk of serious brain injury and Kirsty’s story below demonstrates this.
Kirsty’s Story…

It was an ordinary summers evening as I set off to cycle home from work. I was cycling on a path which ran parallel to a car park and there was a car driving alongside me. As I approached a road I wanted to cross, I realised too late that the car was about to turn down that road. I knew I was going too fast; if I were to brake I would go over the handle bars and into the path of the car. I had no choice but to try and swerve it.

The next thing I remember is laying on the ground, unable to move. I felt dizzy, sick and in pain. The car driver was stood next to me, midway through a conversation with the ambulance service. He had witnessed it all. In trying to avoid the car I hit the curb and cycled straight into a wall. The fitness watch I was wearing shows that at the point of contact I was travelling 19km/h. He reckoned I was probably knocked out for a maximum of a couple of seconds, however I have no memory of these events.

I couldn’t lift my head up to move, I had a severe headache and felt very sleepy. After a long wait for the ambulance crew, I was taken to hospital. They reckon that my shoulder dislocated and popped back in, but aside from that and some cuts and bruises, I was okay.

For the next 3 weeks I suffered with the symptoms of concussion. I constantly felt nauseous, dizzy, fatigued and struggled to concentrate. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t complete any daily living tasks such as cooking or cleaning.


My helmet was completely damaged in the accident. It has a crack about 15cm in length, going through the full depth of the helmet. It also had a dent on the front where I had hit the wall.

What if that had been my head?

There are critics that say helmets don’t help and there are people who choose not to wear them. But I have experienced it… It can save your head from more severe and lasting injuries.

The day of my accident I was cycling home from my workplace – Headway Milton Keynes. I work with people who have sustained a brain injury. I understand the potential impact it can have on an individual and their families.

My message to everyone is don’t leave it to luck. It can happen to anyone. It can happen anywhere.


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Anne Maguire, Partner

Anne Maguire | Partner

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