Motorcyclists – why don’t we see them?

Navdip Gill | Jul 2017

Statistically motorcyclists are the most vulnerable road users in the UK and in 2015 alone there were 365 motorcyclists’ deaths – the equivalent of one a day. The Department of Transport advises that the majority of accidents occur at junctions with a “failure to look properly“ being the most common cause of an accident. Anne Maguire, Personal Injury Lawer explains more.

Why are motorcyclists not seen by car drivers?

Instinctively car drivers will look for those objects on the road which could injure or harm us; namely other cars and large vehicles. Cars and large vehicles are bigger and wider than motorcycles and it is only natural to perceive a greater threat from larger objects than it is from smaller ones. We tend not to take notice of smaller and more vertical objects such as road signs, trees and sign posts as these represent less of a threat to us on the road. Being smaller and more vertical, motorcycles are not instinctively perceived as threats and are therefore less likely to register as dangerous in our brain and we “fail to see them”.

What can we do to increase our awareness of motorcyclists?

Remember motorcyclists manoeuvre differently from cars. They have a low profile, can come up quickly and change course suddenly. They are easy to miss. So car drivers should look and listen for motorcyclists at all times especially at junctions. It’s easy to see a car at a glance but much harder to see a motorcycle. Unfortunately, even when being extra careful, accidents happen; so what should you do if you are involved in an accident?

What should you do in an accident?

It is very helpful to obtain the following information:

  • Name and addresses of all parties involved
  • The registration and make of vehicles and insurance details
  • Names and telephone numbers of any witnesses
  • Photographs of scene including vehicle positions and damage
  • Photographs of the surroundings showing any junction, road signs, buildings

If liability for an accident is disputed any contemporaneous photographs taken at the time, and evidence from independent witnesses will be vital, in order to help the Court in determining fault.

How we can help you?

At Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors we have a depth of experience in serious injuries and fatal claims arising out of motorcycle accidents. We handle road accidents nationwide and have local knowledge of the Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

If you would like advice and assistance on any matters please contact our Personal Injury Team on 01908 689369 or email

Anne Maguire, Partner

Anne Maguire | Partner

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