What is assistive technology and how will it help an injured person?

Anne Maguire | Jun 2017

Anne Maguire, Top Ranked PI Lawyer recognised by Chamber & Partners explains how lawyers work with care experts and assistive technology.

The use of technology to help clients who have been seriously injured has developed hugely over the past few years. Part of our role as lawyers is to help our clients become as independent as possible in their daily lives. We are helped in this task by using a care expert, often an occupational therapist, who can identify what will help the client. There is a huge array of kitchen devices available such as, easy turn taps, anti slip mats for food preparation, adjustable perching stools, and kitchen aid mixers. In the bathroom there are level access showers, grab rails and padded shower seats, to name a few.

However, more sophisticated gadgets are now on the market and the care expert will often consider assistive technology, for example, electric blinds and curtain tracks, window and door automation, video and audio intercoms and garage door openers. These can be operated via an app on a Smartphone or Tablet or in the event that the client has limited or no hand function there are systems that can be operated by switch, voice control or a wheel chair joystick.

Not only the home but vehicles can be adapted for a one handed person.

We will work with the care expert in identifying your needs and obtaining the funding for you to have the aids and appliances and assistive technology put in place.

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Anne Maguire, Partner

Anne Maguire | Partner

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