Personal Injury team at Geoffrey Leaver successfully recover personal injury damages

Ann Summerling | Dec 2015

The Personal Injury Team at Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors have successfully obtained damages for two clients who were involved in a rear end collision last December, where the third party driver denied being involved in the accident.

The claimants – a husband and wife, obtained the registration number of the offending vehicle at the scene of the accident, but the female driver refused to give her name.

When the claim was intimated to the third party’s insurers, they refused to deal with the claim as their policyholder advised them she had not been involved in any accident.

The claimants gave a description of the third party, and her vehicle and Geoffrey Leaver continued to argue the case on behalf of the claimants.
Eventually, after several months of arguing, the third party insurers agreed that we had compelling evidence to identify their policyholder and agreed to deal with the claimant’s claims for personal injury and vehicle damage in full.

The claimants were very pleased with the outcome and stated in their client satisfaction survey “excellent service, claim was processed quickly. Would use Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors services again in the future”.

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