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Navdip Gill | Nov 2015

My client was involved in a car accident in April 2014. He suffered from a whiplash injury to the neck and pain to his left shoulder. I obtained a medical report and the prognosis was a whiplash injury for 15 months. The other side had offered £2,000 and under these circumstances we decided to proceed ahead to Stage 3 for a written hearing in which the Judge would simply decide the amount.

Subsequently the other side objected to this was wanted an oral hearing and this was granted by Milton Keynes County Court. The other side failed to turn up and after my submissions the District Judge awarded my client the sum of £4,450 for his pain and suffering. This was an extremely generous award on the day.

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult for any solicitor to predict with any great accuracy an exact compensation figure because each Judge will give different figures. With our expertise we will advise you as to whether the offer by the other side is reasonable or not and whether to proceed to an oral or written hearing.

In order to maximise your compensation here my top 10 tips for your claim;

1. Having been involved in a car accident you must go to your local GP, A&E or walk in centre within 30 days of the claim
2. If you have been offered physiotherapy, do not turn it down
3. Keep all receipts for painkillers, bus or taxi journeys etc
4. Keep a diary of your injuries so when you go for your medical examination you can tell the doctor everything
5. A valuation is based on your medical report, therefore it is important you tell the examining doctor everything including every niggle and pain so they can put it down on the report
6. If you suffer from travel anxiety, you must report this to your GP
7. In the event your pain does not improve, it is important you go and see your GP again
8. Inform your employer of the car accident if you are you able to go to work
9. In the event of a serious car accident take some photos on your mobile phone so you can show the doctor and your solicitor
10. If you have been involved in a previous accident tell the examining doctor

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Navdip Gill, Partner

Navdip Gill | Partner

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