Government proposals to remove compensation for whiplash claims

Navdip Gill | Nov 2015

As Personal Injury Lawyers who have a particular expertise in road traffic collisions, we are horrified that the Government is proposing to remove the right to claim compensation for personal injury from innocent victims of car accidents.

We strive hard for our clients to obtain the right amount of compensation for them. There is no doubt that whiplash can be very painful and debilitating and the effects can last for months even years.

The Government is proposing to ban whiplash claims with the result that you could have someone carelessly collide into your car, causing pain and injury and you would have no comeback. How can this be justice?

The Government has been persuaded by Insurers to push through many reforms in the past six years to deal with fraudulent claims but surely it is one step to far to deprive innocent victims of compensation they are rightly entitled to.

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