When can a case manager be appointed and how can they help?

Anne Maguire | Oct 2015

As a specialist Brain Injury Lawyer and the only Lawyer who is a member of the Brain Injury Group in the Milton Keynes area, I have appointed Case Managers to help my seriously brain injured client for many years. I regard Case Managers as vital to support clients and families when they have been traumatised by a life changing accident.

To start the process it is helpful to agree with the Insurers that the appointment of a Case Manager is necessary in order to support my brain injured client and their family.

I think the best way to describe a Case Manager is someone who immediately gets on with the job of making things happen to improve my client’s quality of life. My role as the Legal Specialist is to concentrate on building up the legal claim whilst the Case Manager becomes my client’s right hand person co-ordinating and monitoring their health, social care, educational, employment and housing needs.

John* suffered serious orthopedic injuries and a head injury in a road accident. Sadly his mother was also seriously injured and died. John was at school about to sit his GCSEs. His father was not well enough to look after him on his own so I appointed a Case Manager. They worked with the school to obtain extra support, helped to organise additional tutors and liaised with the social work department to have Carers live in until he was in a position to move schools and live with close relatives. John’s father sadly died and he needed a huge amount of support to move schools, leave his family home and move to a new school and new life. Happily John obtained his qualifications, went to college and is now in an engineering apprenticeship. He no longer needs a Case Manager but when we settled the case we ensured that he had money to bring a Case Manager back should he need one in the future. So case management can continue long after a case settles.

I am a member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel, Fellow of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, Brain Injury Group and am recognised by Chambers and Partners 2015 law guide as ‘a leader in her field’.

If you would like more advice on Case Managers and how I can help you with a brain injury claim please contact, Anne Maguire on 01908 689365.
*This is a real case but the name has been changed to protect my clients identity.

Anne Maguire, Partner

Anne Maguire | Partner

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