How do Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors choose a case manager for our brain injured clients?

Anne Maguire | Oct 2015

Anne Maguire, Specialist Brain Injury Lawyer explains why it is important to get the right Case Manager.

When I have a client who is seriously brain injured, I will appoint a professionally qualified Case Manager who needs to be specially trained in Brain Injury and is either a member of the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (BABICM) or The Case Management Society UK (CMSUK). I am pleased to say that one of the many benefits of membership of the Brain Injury Group is access to a wide range of professional services for brain injured clients including Case Managers.

From my experience, a local Case Manager is most helpful as it enables my Client, their family and the Case Manager to easily communicate with each other.

The Case Manager’s role is to focus on looking after my client, to assess their needs now and for the next 12 months. This involves understanding their life and what can be done to improve it, whether it is family life, in the community or at work. The Case Manager will cost any additional help and I will request funds from the Insurance Company. The Case Manager will then organise and supervise the additional services and help required. When a family has been traumatised by a tragic accident, having this support is vital to enable them to cope.

Charles is a young man with two children. He was assaulted by a pupil at school and left with a very severe psychological injury and a head injury. He found it hard to go out and suffered from anxiety. One of the recommendations of the Case Manager was that he had a support buddy to encourage him to go out and engage in the community. This has taken a huge pressure off his wife and has allowed him to gain some normality and independence whilst his treatment continues.

*This is a real case but the name has been changed to protect my clients identity.

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